A young girl is in hospital after being pulled from the rubble of her apartment block, destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. The girl happened to be the only one in her family of eight to survive the fatal attack.
The badly injured Bothaina Mohamed Mansour al-Rimi is bed-ridden in Al-Mutawakel Hospital in Sanaa.

Despite several fractures in her face and head, Mansour’s condition is stable, her doctor says.

“MRI indicated multiple fractures in the left cheek, as well as breaks close to the eye socket and across her forehead, this is in addition to general bruises in the head. The child doesn’t need any surgical intervention, she has been prescribed the needed medications, and now, her condition is stable,” Aref Dabaan told RT’s video news agency Ruptly.

The doctor said the girl is aged six; earlier the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported that the rescued girl was four years old.