As the news of the fall of White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon continues to reverberate through the political ecosphere, more and more figures are weighing in on social media.

Late night host Stephen Colbert, a long time critic of Trump’s White House,  took a little longer to chime in that he usually does.  His ultimate contribution, however, was well worth the wait.

While most responses have been directed at Bannon himself, Colbert decided to aim his comment directly at the President – and he nailed it.

His tweet, of course, references the disgraceful exercise in moral equivalency Trump engaged in this week in response the white supremacy – fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. After blaming “many sides” for the fatal violence and vacillating on his condemnation of Nazis and KKK instigators, he stated his objection to the removal of confederate monuments, something he reiterated in a strong of tweets:

As always, Stephen Colbert gets the last laugh.  Well played, Stephen.