The case for removing Trump from office under the 25th Amendment becomes stronger every week. Every week, he shows that he does not have the temperament, integrity, or mental fitness to do the job. At this point, even Republicans are questioning whether he is mentally fit enough to hold office.

Vanity Fair, for example, reports sources close to Trump saying he is “‘unstable,’ ‘losing a step,’ and ‘unraveling.’” They also say that Bannon himself warned Trump about the possibility of being removed under the 25th Amendment. Trump, unsurprisingly, was not familiar with the amendment. The criticism and pressure that comes with holding national office is getting to him, and Trump is showing cracks. That’s why psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health care experts are raising the alarm on Trump.

In fact, they’ve created an organization dedicated to just that purpose. The organization, A Duty To Warn, describes itself as “A society of mental health professionals and members of the public dedicated to the proposition that current president, Donald J. Trump, quite clearly is too seriously mentally ill to competently discharge his duties as the president and must now be removed according to the 25th Amendment.”

Just In: Like it Or Not
The organization has also published a documentary and book outlining their case.

Today, A Duty To Warn is holding more than a dozen events in 10 states around the country. The town hall-style meetings are designed to raise awareness about Trump’s lack of mental fitness. They’ve assembled a list of heavy-hitting speakers, many well known in the field, and will also be using the opportunity to show their documentary, and to promote petitions and legal action. You can view a list of locations and times here.

It’s not just that Trump is thought by many professionals to be unwell. After all, there are many diagnosable illnesses that do not prevent someone from serving well in office. The stigmatization of those battling illnesses is not what this is about. It’s the particular ways in which Trump himself behaves that are at issue. From the Washington Post:

‘Mental illness hardly disqualifies one from the presidency. Abraham Lincoln is thought to have suffered from severe depression, but he held himself together and the union, too. “Equating mental illness with incapacity merely stigmatizes the mentally ill,” clinical psychologist Craig Malkin writes in “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” But Malkin and other contributors argue that Trump’s behavior — his political statements and actions as well as his interviews, books and social-media activity — suggest more ominous possibilities.
‘Trump displays signs of “extreme present hedonism,” the tendency to live in the moment without considering consequences, seeking to bolster one’s self-esteem no matter the risk. Or he exhibits “narcissistic personality disorder,” which includes believing you’re better than others, exaggerating your achievements and expecting constant praise. Combine hedonism, narcissism and bullying, and you get “an impulsive, immature, incompetent person who, when in the position of ultimate power, easily slides into the role of the tyrant,” Philip Zimbardo (of the famous Stanford prison experiment) and Rosemary Sword write. Others suggest that Trump shows indications of sociopathy, including lack of empathy, absence of guilt and intentional ma­nipu­la­tion. Put it all together and you have “malignant narcissism,” which includes antisocial behavior, paranoid traits, even sadism.’
Trump isn’t fit to serve, and everyone knows it. The only people pretending otherwise are those who hope to profit or legislatively gain from extending his time in office.

Here’s the documentary from A Duty To Warn: