Donald Trump ha no regrets about pardoning Joe Arpaio, a man of the law who disobeyed court orders and whose self-proclaimed “concentration camps” took the lives of immigrants and hurt many more people. He does now, however, regret that Liangelo Ball, an 18-year-old basketball player, was not left in prison in China for stealing sunglasses, since his father refuses to go on every television program he can find to sing the praises of Trump.

This is not the first time that Trump has pointed out how ungrateful black people are for white America’s generosity. He was quick to condemn NFL players protesting the disproportionate brutality and killings of black Americans because, after all, white Americans pay them a lot of money to shut up and entertain the rest of us on the football field.

In an op-ed piece featured in The New Yorker following those statements, writer Jeloni Cobb wrote “Ungrateful is the New Uppity,” where he pointed out the vast differences between Trump’s feeling on protests and patriotism when the people involved are black.

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‘It’s impossible not to be struck by Trump’s selective patriotism. It drives him to curse at black football players but leaves him struggling to create false equivalence between Nazis and anti-Fascists in Charlottesville. It inspires a barely containable contempt for Muslims and immigrants but leaves him mute in the face of Russian election intervention. He cannot tolerate the dissent against literal flag-waving but screams indignation at the thought of removing monuments to the Confederacy, which attempted to revoke the authority symbolized by that same flag.’

Only in the last moment after his rant about athletes who won’t bow to his will did Trump remember that something happened to his beloved military troops, something that the country may actually care about.


Trump’s supporters jumped to his defense on Twitter, inserting more racist comments, while the more sane comments pointed out their bigotry and that of the president’s.