The Democratic Party upset the Republicans in many major positions across the nation this week. This is clearly an indication that Americans are not happy with the Trump administration and how Congress is currently handling it.

Trump’s biggest friend turned critic, Senator Bob Corker, is now going after Trump while he’s weak. Corker is going nuclear against Trump and he’s not the only one.

Corker has revealed that as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he’s going to hold hearings on the President’s authority to use nuclear weapons. He’s obviously saying that Trump is unfit to be trusted with the authority to launch nuclear weapons and Corker wants America to know about it.

Basically these hearings will just highlight Trump’s mental illness and instability as President. We can only hope these will be public hearings and as of now its not listed as closed on the committee’s schedule, so we may be in luck.

Senator Corker will be starting his hearings on November 14th and on the same day Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in for a public testimony. This will be yet another embarrassing and damaging hearing for Trump and his administration.

That’s not the only bad news for Trump. It’s also been reported that Democratic Senator Dick Dublin blocked several of Trump’s remaining nominees. House Republicans also smacked down Congressman Devin Nunes who’s been absurd on Capitol Hill to block the progress of the Mueller investigation.

Clearly, those in Congress are concerned for their jobs now that the state election results are in from this time around. With his own people turning on him, it’s only a matter of time before Trump exits the Oval Office.