Much of Trump’s noxious campaign for the presidency was built upon attacking China. It was his favorite bugaboo (after Hillary Clinton) and he ranted on and on about how the Sino-juggernaut is exploiting the American working class and siphoning jobs and billions of dollars away from the U.S. economy. He promised to be hard on the People’s Republic of China, but as soon as he met President Xi Jinping shortly after inauguration day he changed his rhetoric.

Presumably, Xi has employed the obvious — if no less effective for the fact — method of flattering Trump and leveraging his ego to get what he wants. With Trump arriving in China for his visit this week, it was only a matter of time before he sided with Xi over the country he was elected to lead. Now, he’s done just that.

Trump took to Twitter (a social media platform which is banned for most of the Chinese population) and said that China was not to blame for the way in which they’ve been taking advantage of the United States, but rather previous American administration’s should bear the brunt of condemnation.

To be clear: the President of the United States is blaming the United States for a foreign nation undermining our economy. It’s a stunning betrayal of American interests and gift-wrapped present to the authoritarian People’s Republic regime.

China is guilty of a litany of exploitative policies, including their encouragement of rampant intellectual property theft, currency manipulation, and aggressive rejection of international law in the South China Sea. Yet for some reason, our President has decided they are worthy of praise and previous American presidents deserve to be shamed. Trump tweeted: