The President of the United States just took to Twitter to issue a stunningly passive-aggressive attack on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un over his bruised ego, apparently very upset that the despot had called him “old” (which he is).

Instead of ignoring the petty slight and being the better man, Trump responded like a spoiled child on the playground would – albeit one still too timid to actually confront the source of his anger.

The use of the word “friend” is a stunning glimpse into just how simplistic Trump’s worldview is. Kim Jong-un is not your friend; nor is King Salman of Saudi Arabia or Justin Trudeau or any other world leader; they are representatives of their nations and act in the interests of their people.

They are your competitiors, something he clearly doesn’t understand since he’s spent his entire business career blindly stumbling from bankruptcy to bankruptcy, falling on a golden cushion every single time.

Trump clearly only acts in the interest of the one thing he cares about – himself.