President Donald Trump stunned the nation tonight when he tweeted out condolences that we assume were intended for today’s mass shooting at an elementary school in northern California – but commented on the wrong mass shooting.

The President instead referred to the town in which 27 people were massacred in a church two weeks ago.

Not only did he name the wrong shooting, his choice of words is quite bizarre. Why would he announce that the FBI and law enforcement had arrive? He wasn’t there on the ground, and the people would know already that law enforcement was on the scene.

The president’s previous tweet indicated that he had just arrived back from his trip to Asia, and is likely quite jetlagged. This tweet is Trump’s brain short-circuiting; so tired and incapable of stringing together anything even barely resembling true emotion, his mind just spits out the knee-jerk Donald Trump formula: begrudging appeals to religion, celebrating the location and it’s wonderfulness, and praise for the agencies of state violence.

Or else there are simply so many mass shootings he simply is growing lazier with every passing one, not bothering to even learn where the latest atrocity took place.

Either way, it’s not a good look for our President. His inability to empathize and his disregard for the suffering of the American people is beyond despicable.