Trump loves to make scandals out of things that aren’t the least bit scandalous. Benghazi was one of those high on his list, especially during the election.

Four Americans died in Benghazi, but there was nothing scandalous about it, despite it being thoroughly investigated by Republicans who like to cling to their conspiracy like it’s some kind of life raft.

However, the Niger scandal is beginning to look more and more like what they claimed Benghazi to be.

A few weeks ago four U.S. soldiers died in Niger. No one knows why these men were really there and the Trump administration seems hell bent on not discussing it. Trump hasn’t publicly acknowledged the deaths and he’s avoided all contact with the families.

It has become blatantly clear that he and the entire administration do not want people to know why those men were and why they were there to begin with.

Remember when Trump lost a U.S. soldier when he foolishly authorized a raid in Yemen? He didn’t try to cover that one up and that one was clearly a botched raid by Trump himself. If there was ever a death to cover up, that was the one, but he didn’t.

Fast forward a few months, then all of a sudden there is something that makes the death of the four U.S. soldiers in Niger something that Trump doesn’t want to talk about, doesn’t want to talk to families about, and is trying his best to distract the public and the media from it.

Clearly, this one is different for Trump, so we aren’t surprised to hear it has something to do with Russia. The death of the four U.S. soldiers happened just shortly after Niger curiously signed a military cooperation agreement with Russia.

Bill Palmer points out:

So it’s not as if this is merely his modus operandi for his military failures. No, there’s something specifically scandalous about this that he’s trying to hide – and considering that his entire presidency has been based around kissing Russia’s ass, the Niger-Russia connection cannot be overlooked.

Donald Trump’s Niger scandal is now everything that Benghazi never was, but was long falsely accused of being: a needless loss of four American lives caused by some combination of incompetence and underhanded motive on the part of the White House. It took five minutes to get the real truth about Benghazi, before the Republicans shamefully spent five years lying about it. We must have answers on what really happened in Niger. Benghazi was the ultimate fake scandal. This is the real thing.

Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Florida Democratic congresswoman who clashed with President Donald Trump over his call to the widow of a soldier killed in an ambush in Niger, wants Congress to investigate what she’s calling “Mr. Trump’s Benghazi.”

Trump’s Niger scandal is actually a scandal. He spent years falsely accusing Obama and Clinton of doing something that caused four American to lose their lives in Benghazi when they did nothing wrong.

Let’s hope they thoroughly investigate this mess like they did Benghazi, because we are betting they won’t come up empty handed in this investigation.