Earlier this afternoon, President Trump went on an unhinged tirade about CNN’s international news agency, calling it “fake news” and accusing them of misrepresenting the news to the world.

The network’s official public relations account immediately took to Twitter to set the President straight with a brilliant zinger.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The President of the United States is supposed to be an embodiment of our values and our representative to the world, a source of inspiration and leadership that the entire world once looked up to.

No longer. Our president is now an ignorant barbarian, a sexual predator and a shameless liar, a professional grifter and a race-baiting would-be tyrant that represents the very worst that the American people have to offer.

CNN does its duty by reporting on the news, no matter what one might think of their editorial staff. Now it’s time for Trump to do his – or step down and leave the job to someone who deserves it.