In June, a man opened fire on a congressional baseball practice and shot five people, including two police officers and Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana). Following the shooting, many people praised Capitol Police agents and Alexandria Police Department officers for their quick response to the shooting, saying that the outcome would have been much worse if they hadn’t been there.

On Thursday, President Trump awarded five of the first responders — Capitol Police Special Agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner as well as Alexandria Police Department Officers Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe, and Alexander Jensen — with Medals of Valor, the highest decoration public safety officers can have bestowed upon them.

During the ceremony, Trump said a lot of nice, albeit generic, things about the officers, two of whom were injured during the shooting (Griner and Bailey). He referred to the recipients as “American heroes” and said that he and all those attending the ceremony are forever indebted to them.

Unfortunately for Trump, when people think back on the ceremony, they likely will not be thinking about his speech. Instead, they will be thinking about the fact that he forced one of the recipients, Crystal Griner, to let him kiss her on the cheek after he fastened the medal around her neck.

Scott Dworkin, the co-founder of the Democratic coalition, shared a video of Trump awarding Griner the medal on Twitter. Griner’s discomfort is palpable, and she even appears to try and pull away from the president at one point. However, she wasn’t able to put enough distance between herself and Trump and had to endure him forcing himself on her.

In the caption of the video, Dworkin argued that the GOP would have reacted very differently if President Obama had done the same thing.