In Trump World, the job of a president is to complain that the media is mean to him and make up lies to prove it. Saturday morning’s Twitter rant was no exception as Trump got down to the business he seems to believe is his primary responsibility.

Like many of Trump’s tweets, his statement is patently untrue. The Senate passing Trump’s budget plan was covered by every media outlet Trump refers to as “fake news,” including The Washington Post, CNN, NBC, The New York Times, and CBS.

One piece of the story that is really upsetting to Trump is that the coverage didn’t praise him as a genius on economic matters and the outcomes of his budget being passed weren’t hyped as completely positive. Trump’s budget cuts billions and billions in spending for programs that benefit the poor (HUD, government loans for single family housing, the Minority Building Development Agency, educational opportunity grants, heating assistance for the poor and disabled through LIHEAP, and many others) in order to pave the way for billions in tax cuts for the wealthy, like Trump.

That sort of coverage, the kind Americans really needed to know about this budget the Senate passed, would have continued. However, Trump derailed the conversation all on his own, which brings us to his second Saturday tweet.

The other reason that coverage was derailed was Trump’s tendency to last out with vicious and highly unnecessary lies whenever he is cornered. The Senate passed Trump’s budget on Thursday, but Trump had already thrown the national conversation in a different direction when he was asked that same day about whether or not he had contacted the families of fallen soldiers who had died in Niger.

Instead of simply saying that he planned to do so, he lashed out at President Obama with a lie easily disproven through White House records, witness accounts, and video evidence when he said that Obama had a policy of not contacting gold star families.

That lie led a Florida congresswoman to confirm that a phone call Trump did finally make to one of the families was insensitive and left the family feeling disrespected, and the White House then went into a double-down attack mode, compounding the lies by giving a false account of a speech made by that congresswoman in 2015 which video evidence debunked almost immediately.

If the media isn’t covering Trump the way he would like, it is a bad situation of his own creation. Still, Trump is ranting and raving about Rep. Wilson instead of focusing on getting the information out to his followers that he’d like them to believe about his budget. The media is not standing over him forcing him to tweet his schoolyard bully nicknames and insults, but that’s where his focus lies, as always.

Twitter reacted to Trump’s tweets with anger and dismay.