A former Trump campaign official has been charged with 20 felonies and two misdemeanor counts related to sex trafficking, including charges that relate to multiple underage victims.

Tim Nolan, Judge and Trump Campaign Official

The alleged perpetrator, in this case, is former Campbell County District Judge Tim Nolan. Nolan served as a judge from 1977-1985 when he lost his re-election bid. Since his time on the bench, Nolan has practiced law and recently won a seat on the school board as well as an appointment to the state Boxing and Wrestling Commission.

Nolan also campaigned for Donald Trump during his 2016 Presidential Campaign. Nolan was appointed to chair Trump’s election campaign in Kentucky’s Campbell County last year. He also helped choose delegates to the GOP convention that nominated President Trump.

The Charges

Nolan is now being held in the Campbell County, KY Jail on a $750,000 bond. He has been charged with human trafficking, rape, prostitution, witness tampering, and unlawful transaction with a minor. He has been accused of victimizing 17 women and girls, forcing them to have sex using money, drugs, and his position as a former judge.

Nolan is now facing 20 felony charges and two misdemeanors. If convicted on all counts, he could serve over 100 years in prison. The judge presiding over the case refused to release him to house arrest and set the $750,000 bond because Nolan is “potentially a danger to the community.”

The Crimes

Court records indicate that the alleged crimes took place between 2010-2017. Nolan is accused of having been involved in human trafficking while he campaigned for the President.

Assistant Attorney General Barbara Whaley pointed out that the victims were particularly vulnerable women and girls. According to Whaley, “The defendant used money, drugs, housing, threats to call the probation office, and violent acts, as means to coerce, deceive and force these women to engage in commercial sexual activity, for months and sometimes years.”

The Politics

Justin Verst, an Assistant County Attorney during Nolan’s time on the bench, remembers Nolan as “He liked to give the impression to the public that he was a tough law-and-order judge.”

In recent years Nolan became active in Tea Party politics. He is known to relish a debate. Verst said the charges are a tragedy for Nolan’s family, but was clear in adding “If the charges are true, it’s more of a tragedy for the victims.”