Former popular vote loser Donald Trump campaign advisor Paul Manafort’s legal troubles just keep getting worse. Just ask his former campaign coworkers. Several of them now believe that Manafort will be indicted for financial crimes, and that he’s very likely to bring Trump down with him.

The Daily Caller reports that Trump campaign advisers are now admitting that they expect Paul Manafort to be indicted for crimes including money laundering. The Daily Caller is a conservative news outlet, so the fact they they are reporting speaks to the fact this thing is unraveling more by the day.

The Palmer Report points out:

Federal prosecutors like Robert Mueller don’t bring indictments unless they have an airtight case they know they’re going to win. So if these Trump advisers are correct, it means Manafort is going down. Based on other recent reporting, it also means that Manafort will be left with no choice but to flip on Trump, because Mueller has already set it up such that Trump will not be able to pardon him.

Last week it was reported by Politico that Robert Mueller has teamed up with the New York Attorney General to bring a state level case against Manafort, because the president cannot pardon anyone on state level crimes (link). That leaves Manafort with two options: spend the rest of his life in prison, or begin blabbing about what was really going on behind the scenes with Donald Trump and his campaign and Russia during the election.

If you have any reason to believe that Paul Manafort would go to prison to protect Donald Trump, I have some ocean front property in Oklahoma to sell you. Not gonna happen.

Manafort could be the key to the entire investigation bringing Trump down and we will find out if that’s the case in the coming days. If I were a betting man, I’d bet Manafort rolls over on Trump and everyone involved to save himself, and I don’t blame him.