Popular vote loser Donald Trump is a spiteful, petty, little man. His administration is filled with equally spiteful, petty, little (mostly) men, too, which was just further proven New reports are out suggesting that they will withhold relief funds for the massive devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas to secure more funding for Trump’s moronic border wall. The Wall is a hot topic again as Trump recently claimed at his rally in Arizona that “If we have to close our government down, we’re building that wall.”

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was asked by Fox News’ Chris Wallace if Trump’s shutdown threat was “out the window” now that flood relief was a top priorty. Mnuchin’s answer may surprise you. Or maybe it won’t:

“I can’t really comment on if it’s out the window or it’s not out the window. And again, I know the wall is a huge priority to the president, and we want to make sure that we get money for that.”

That’s right. The correct answer is “yes, flood relief for millions of Americans devastated by Harvey is obviously a priority over Trump’s stupid wall,” but Mnuchin could. not. say. it.

Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Americans are suffering as a result of this storm, and Trump is focused on his racist, ridiculous border wall agenda.