The thirteen Republican Senators who worked behind closed doors to rewrite the House’s American Health Care Act, received a combined $2,776,012 in campaign contributions from the health insurance and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries between November 2010 — the year Obamacare was passed — and November 2016, according to nonprofit journalism outfit MapLight.

The 13 lawmakers drafting the Senate legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act received an average of $214,000 in campaign contributions – nearly double the amount received by colleagues excluded from the process, according to a MapLight analysis.

Orrin Hatch topped the list, bringing in nearly half a million dollars, followed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who brought in $433,400.

Here’s a list of campaign contributions from insurance and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries to the senators drafting the secret health care bill:

Orrin G. Hatch – $471,560
Addison “Mitch” McConnell – $433,400
Rob Portman – $382,100
Patrick J. Toomey – $354,616
Andrew Lamar Alexander – $228,100
John Cornyn – $180,050
Cory Gardner – $151,850
John Barrasso – $149,750
Mike Enzi – $146,600
John Thune – $123,400
Mike Lee – $66,750
Ted Cruz – $58,895
Tom Cotton – $28,941


Maplight notes:

Four of the senators working on the bill have received more than $300,000 from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Senators excluded from the process received an average of $115,000 from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.