One sad fact that Donald Trump will never understand is that a president who is caught repeatedly in easily disproven lies – the size of his inauguration crowd, the American tax rate as compared to the rest of the world, calls and letters made by his predecessors to the grieving families of fallen soldiers – that president loses all credibility.

Now, when that same president takes to Twitter to complain that others are misrepresenting him, his words, and his actions, no one other than his die-hard cult followers believe him.


Trump faces numerous breaking scandals nearly every day, but with Robert Mueller’s investigation into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government operatives rolling along and gaining steam every day, Trump has more reason than ever to distract and try to deflect blame. The NFL, Clinton’s years-old email scandal, and obstructionist Democrats – which is more than laughable considering the past eight years of Obama’s presidency which began with the Senate Majority Leader insisting that his primary focus would be making that president a one-term president – is little more than an attempted sleight-of-hand to redirect focus from his own imploding presidency.

After all of his blatant lies, almost no one is fooled anymore.

Twitter showed just how much the public is no longer buying anything Trump says just nine months into the most frightening, bizarre presidency in history.