When people talk about the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia connections, they are forgetting that it should be “investigations,” plural. In addition to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s criminal history, there are several congressional committees investigating the Russia ties.

One such connection shows Trump’s Taj Mahal casino paying several million dollars in fines for money laundering violations, and it is being confirmed that one Senate committee has obtained the records proving it.

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, working on behalf of the Senate Finance Committee, has requested the money laundering records from the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), which is the body that imposed the the penalty against Trump’s casino to begin with

CNN reports that FinCEN’s response to Wyden was that the records have already been provided to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Bill Palmer explains:

This is crucial because it gives us a definitive answer after a prolonged battle between Senate Intel and Trump’s Treasury Department.

What this means is that the Senate, or at least the Senate Intel Committee, now has access to the confidential records which provide the details of Trump’s casino’s money laundering bust. Thus far the only publicly available information regarding that bust is largely limited to what was contained in FinCEN’s original press release (link), which is that the violations went back several years to when Donald Trump still had a significant ownership stake in the Taj Mahal. No mention was made of who was laundering money in Trump’s casino. Was this how the Russians were funneling money into Trump’s hands ahead of the election?

This comes even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller is knee deep into his own investigation into Donald Trump’s various criminal activities past and present. Considering that Mueller has added multiple prosecutors to his team with expertise in money laundering, it seems nearly a given that he’s also aggressively pursuing Trump’s financial crimes.

The swift hammer of justice is getting closer and closer by the day to coming down squarely on Trump and the White House. Perhaps the one irony that Trump will actually understand in his entire life is the irony of him leading all those “Lock her up” chants at his stupid rallies. Because pretty soon, he’s likely to be charged with some pretty serious criminal activity.