Even as President Trump gives a tacit endorsement to the racist hate groups that sponsored a weekend rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injured at least 19 others, PayPal is taking action.

The internet money transfer giant, launched at the turn of the century and pioneered by Elon Musk, has decommissioned the accounts of the white supremacist groups that planned the deadly “Unite the Right” event.

The civil rights group Color of Change told CBS that PayPal confirmed that the hate group Unity and Security for America has been totally cut off for their part in spearheading the Charlottesville carnage. PayPal confirmed that they have suspended the accounts of more than 30 hate groups but declined to name which ones.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, PayPal had been the primary mechanism for funding racist hate groups. In cutting them off, PayPal has dealt a devastating blow to white nationalists that could leave them without the means to repeat the horrific scene we witnessed this weekend.

Private companies cannot — nor should they be expected to — fill the moral void left by Donald Trump’s reprehensible regime. It is a sad truth that PayPal must take action because Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department has abdicated it’s responsibility to the American public.

But we were never given any reason to expect better from Trump or his team, and PayPal’s action is an important and unfortunately necessary step that should be applauded.

SOURCE: http://washingtonjournal.com/2017/08/16/paypal-just-gave-devastating-news-white-supremacists-responsible-charlottesville/