Barack Obama’s tweet to Mexico after it suffered a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in its capital shows how much he outclasses Trump.


Last week, Donald Trump offered his condolences to Mexico after they suffered a hurricane over a week after it happened, and his excuse for the delay is pathetic.

Mexico was hit by an 8.2 percent magnitude earthquake off their southern coast on September 7th, about 2 weeks ago. The current death toll is up to 98 confirmed dead, and an estimated 2.5 million people in need of assistance. Mexico has also been suffering countless aftershocks since then, usually just over 5.0 on the Richter scale.

Many prominent Congressmen and other world leaders tweeted their condolences and support, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“My thoughts are with the injured & all those who lost loved ones in last night’s deadly earthquake in Mexico. Canada stands ready to help,” the Canadian Prime Minister said on Twitter.



But, one of the voices that was noticeably missing was the voice of the ever-active President Trump, who didn’t send a customary message of condolence, as the White House typically does in case of natural disasters.

Trump finally gave his reason for waiting a week before talking about the earthquake, and his excuse was just as weak as he is.

“Spoke to President of Mexico to give condolences on terrible earthquake. Unable to reach for 3 days b/c of his cell phone reception at site,” President Trump tweeted.


Mexican President Peña Nieto had already traveled to the areas that were hit twice, but he’s spent a considerable amount of time in the capital. Even when he was in those crisis zones, there is considerable evidence that mobile service in those areas wasn’t interrupted.

So it looks like Trump has once again lied to the world.

What’s Happening Now:

And now, in the face of another 7.1 magnitude earthquake hitting Mexico City, former President Obama has shown how a real president should respond in these situations.

“Thinking about our neighbors in Mexico and all our Mexican-American friends tonight. Cuidense mucho y un fuerte abrazo para todos,” Obama tweeted.


Obama’s Spanish message translates to “Take care and a big hug for everyone.”

To Trump’s credit, at least this time it looks like he somewhere learned his lesson. He tweeted, the same day no less, a message of support to those who were victims of this tragedy.

“God bless the people of Mexico City. We are with you and will be there for you,” Trump tweeted.