The cringe-worthy news from yesterday’s White House Easter Egg Roll continues, as video circulates of Trump telling a child at the event that “[his autograph] will sell for a lot of money.”

The Easter Egg Roll is an annual event where kids get to play games and experience a morning of activities at the White House. For many of the children who attend the Easter Egg Roll, this is a memorable experience. After all, how often is it that Americans get to hang out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

For President Trump, however, the 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll was a chance to remind people of how unfit he is to be the Commander in Chief.

First, there was the fact that he took the time to rant about DACA and its recipients while coloring with children.

Second, there was the whole issue of him forgetting that the White House is called, well, the White House.

Then, there was the bizarre speech about the strength of the U.S. military that he somehow thought was a great topic for children and their families who are just coming to see the President in person. This isn’t the State of the Union address, a television interview, or a press conference. Can’t anything be pure and innocent?

Apparently not, because Trump also took his time interacting with children to remind kids, attendees, and America in general — that he’s not exactly fit to be a role model.

The President of America is supposed to be a leader. He is supposed to wear many hats, from legislation, to international affairs, and guiding our economy to success. But also, the President of America should be someone to look up to. A citizen who models the ideals of the country in which he or she serves as Commander in Chief. And when it comes to a role model and focused leader, we’re not sure if it telling a child that his autograph “will sell for a lot of money” plays into the ethics that our country’s leaders should have.