The Republican Party is just full of surprises. Now, they have let us know that by the time the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton, it was at the end of their investigation. This revelation means that the email probe was nothing more than a partisan charade and media rouse, which ended up costing Hillary the election.

According to CNN, former FBI Director James Comey had already drafted a letter to exonerate Hillary Clinton just before the big interview.

Former FBI Director James Comey drafted a statement exonerating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for running her government emails through a private email server before completing the investigation, according to two Republican senators.

Comey prepared the draft exoneration for Clinton before conducting interviews with top Clinton aides who were offered immunity for their cooperation, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham said Thursday in a joint statement, citing transcripts of interviews with former Comey aides obtained by the Senate judiciary committee.

Clearly, the investigation was such a joke that James Comey has already made his decision even before speaking with everyone involved.

Hillary’s private email server was nothing new for those in her position. Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice had each done something similar. When the Republican Party heard about Hillary Clinton’s usage, they attempted to use it to sabotage her campaign.

They insisted the FBI investigate her email server and so that’s what they did, and they found absolutely nothing. The media jumped on the email scandal that never really existed and things just took off from there. False reports were happening so fast, the redactions were never heard or even acknowledged.

Trump loves to accuse the media of being fake news when it’s about him, despite it being facts they are reporting, but he was very quick to jump on the scandal bus that drove ratings, so in this case he didn’t mind the sloppy journalism.

The media pushed Bernie as a saint and Hillary as the enemy right up until the general election when Trump entered the scene. Even then Hillary’s strong policy and effortless poise didn’t draw ratings so they had to amp up the scandal again. Even after the FBI director fully exonerated her for her emails, the media ignored it.

The media didn’t realize that by hyping the email scandal as long as they did, they were playing right into the Russian collusion plan. They also didn’t realize that James Comey wasn’t finished. Comey thought the election was going to be Hillary’s by a landslide, so when he just happened upon a small connection to Anthony Weiner, he sent yet another letter covering the fact that he wasted a year’s worth of resources on a fruitless investigation. This attempt of making it look like he left no stone unturned reignited a fire that was almost out. By the time he tried to correct this mistake, the media was back on the scandal train and it was useless. By this point, Hillary’s numbers had fallen so far that she couldn’t recover.

So there you have it. Thanks to the stand-up Republicans who just couldn’t leave it alone and the money hungry media who only care about ratings, Hillary was robbed of the White House she deserved. Between Trump, the Russians and the media, Americans never had a chance to see who was really running. Now we are stuck with an illegitimate president of our country.

Thank you mainstream media for helping Trump’s campaign and putting our country in this current disaster. Of course we don’t see any of those outlets taking any responsibility for the nightmare they’ve caused.