Last week a story broke that revealed that the Republican National Committee was paying for Donald Trump’s legal defense in the Russia Scandal. Now, further reporting reveals why the RNC would do such a thing: the funds are being funneled through the RNC to Trump’s lawyers from, and you’re never going to believe this (sarcasm alert), a Russian oligarch.

Len Blavatnik is a man who you may or may not have heard of before. He was born in Ukraine, but grew up in Russia, and he also has dual U.S. citizenship. Sounds innocent enough, right? Sure, if he wasn’t a Kremlin oligarch who makes his money by doing business along side of other Kremlin oligarchs.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that he’s donating money to the RNC legal fund, which, as you have heard by now, is being used to pay for Donald Trump’s Russia attorneys. Here’s the interesting part. His donations are completely legal because of his dual citizenship, but Blavatnik’s donations are suspicious, to say the least.

I don’t know about you, but it certainly feels like the Kremlin has found a way to legally funnel money to Trump’s fight against the Russian scandal investigation.


Palmer Report explains more:

Back on May 24th of this year, Palmer Report brought you the story of how Len Blavatnik had donated millions of dollars to key Republican political leaders including Mitch McConnell and Scott Walker in 2016 (link). Months later, in August, the Dallas Morning News confirmed our reporting (link). Now the same Kremlin oligarch is funneling money through the Republican National Committee to fund Donald Trump’s legal defense.

Each of Blavatnik’s largest donations just happened to go to a Republican who played a convenient role in ushering Donald Trump into office. McConnell worked behind the scenes during the election to try to prevent the Russia meddling from becoming public. Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin, a state which Trump won in nearly statistically impossible fashion. Now, after Blavatnik paid off these two politicians, he’s paying for Trump’s attorneys.

Hmmm….it’s almost as if the Russians and Republicans did some dirty and shady things to get Trump elected. Who would’ve thought?