President Trump’s administration just punished the state of Oregon. Trump’s government just refused to provide Oregon the funds it needs to fight wildfires, has reported.1

Oregon is fighting several wildfires right now. But the effort has proven costly.


This is usually the time when the federal government steps in with more support. But that’s not what’s happening right now.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) asked federal officials to direct more resources to Oregon. They flat-out denied her request.

Brown said, “I talked with the federal authorities two weeks ago, asking for additional federal assistance, I was told point-blank ‘no.’”

Oregon badly needs the Trump administration to reimburse the fire costs. Otherwise, the state will have a hard time continuing to fight the fires that have put so many at risk.

So far the U.S. Forest Service has helped the state. And 200 active-duty soldiers are coming from Joint Base Lewis-McCord in Washington to help fight the fires.

But Brown says that the federal government should send more resources to Oregon. That’s because the state faces more of the fire danger than neighboring Washington.

In fact, according to the National Interagency Fire Center, about one-third of the 1.5 million acres currently burning is in Oregon. That also includes the largest fire in the country.

Brown continued, “It’s an extremely critical time for Oregon, and the federal government should be providing us with every level of assistance that they have.”



But the federal government hasn’t heeded Brown’s requests so far. They’re dragging their feet in sending Oregon the critical resources it needs.

The Trump administration hasn’t commented on Brown’s statements. So we don’t know exactly why the federal government hasn’t sent Oregon the support it needs.


But coincidently, Oregon didn’t vote for Trump. So could the administration be taking its revenge on the state?

We certainly hope not. Such a move is unprofessional and downright evil.

These fires are a major threat to the people of Oregon. The Eagle Creek Fire already threatens inhabitants of the Portland area.

And the Chetco Bar Fire is the largest wildfire in the country. It threatened the city of Bookings and has started heading toward Grants Pass.

So the Trump administration needs to stop fooling around and send Oregon the resources it needs. Help us spread the word about Oregon’s plight by sharing this story on Facebook