Planned Parenthood and the valuable services it provides are currently under attack in the Era of Trump, particularly in hard-red or red-leaning states like Iowa.

This has not gone unnoticed by female patients, whose access to birth control and legal abortion are being curbed due to the efforts of the Republican-led, majority male Congress.

A Planned Parenthood nurse in Iowa recently tweeted out the hilarious story about what one of her patients screamed as she was getting an intrauterine device [IUD] inserted into her.

Recalled the nurse, “Someone just screamed ‘FUCK YOU PAUL RYAN’ while we were inserting her IUD and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.”

She added, “This was funny, yes. But the meaning behind it is what should frustrate everyone. With all of the threats to reproductive health care, women everywhere are feeling pressured to get long-acting contraception.

A lot of docs won’t even provide IUDs if you haven’t had children. It’s very stupid.

So women feel pushed to get IUDs or implants when that may not be the right choice for them ultimately. So once again, the choice is being taken away from women. So sincerely, fuck you, Paul Ryan.”

The nurse, who is employed by one of the few Planned Parenthood clinics left in the state, continued, “We see women who are rushing to get long-acting contraception because they feel they are backed into a corner.

These women are afraid of losing their coverage and their clinics altogether while this administration is in power. On one hand, it makes me so happy that we can provide these services and contraceptive methods to women, but it is so frustrating when you understand the fact that women are, once again, feeling like their choice and their bodily autonomy is being taken away from them.”

Do you think Rep. Ryan deserves to get cursed out like this?