Merced, CA — A video posted to YouTube this week shows a police interaction over a man riding a bicycle on the sidewalk end as the man filming it is tackled by cops.

As the video begins, an unidentified young black man is seen arguing with a police officer. When the man asks the police officer the reason for the stop, she is unable to articulate one and instead calls for backup.

The alleged infraction the officer was attempting to ticket the man for was riding on the sidewalk. According to the Merced City Municipal Code Section 10.44.040, bicycles are prohibited on the sidewalks from “V” Street to “G” Street on Main Street. Whether or not this man was on one of those sidewalks is not revealed in the video.

While a citation for riding on the sidewalk is questionable given certain circumstances, under the law, the man on the bike should have presented his ID as he had technically been suspected of committing a crime.

As the man tries to ride away, however, the small female officer attempts to take down the man twice her size. The man resists but without violence.

As he records, the man filming tries to calm down the cyclist and tells him not to resist. Just as the cyclist listens to the man filming and puts his hands behind his back to be placed in handcuffs, a motorcycle officer comes storming in and grabs his throat.

Up until this point, the man on the bike had been calming down. However, after being attacked while he was complying, he was set off once again. Still, he remained non-violent.