This weekend, the video of a young boy named Keaton Jones went viral after he was caught crying on camera because he was being bullied, and the internet pulled together to make things right.

GoFundMe pages were started on the boy’s behalf, celebrities and athletes invited Keaton to Hollywood premieres and sporting events, and Americans across the country posted words of encouragement to the child.

In a surprising turn of events, a photo was revealed of Keaton’s mother, Kimberly Jones, holding a confederate flag and criticizing those “crying” about racism, putting into question whether the family was deserving of such an outpouring of sympathy.

To make matters worse, GoFundMe has stopped accepting donations to both pages. One page, labeled “Stand Up for Keaton,” which has amassed $58,249 so far, was unable to contact Keaton’s mom to ensure that she is the beneficiary.

In another GoFundMe page, which was supposedly started by Kimberly herself, to “raise money for Keaton’s Christmas gifts,” the page was immediately shut down by the website “due to fraud concerns.”

It is important to note that Kimberly Jones’ sordid past does not discount her son’s pain at the hands of such cruel children. However, a lot of red flags are certainly turning this inspiring story of internet activism into quite the multilayered drama.