So-called “dealmaker” Donald Trump lived a privileged life from the beginning.  He merely expanded what landed in his lap, and did so using sketchy maneuvers.

Trump is infamous for failing to pay contractors on his projects.  He prefers that the companies file lawsuits to drag out the payments for as long as humanly possible.  He’s the type of owner any contractor with dignity despises working for.

A contract is simple; the contractor bids & delivers the work as stated in the contract, then the owner pays according to the contract.  It’s a cut and dry process, but not for Trump.

However, Trump’s favorite tactic to delay payments just came back to bite him in the tuchus.  Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto ruled in favor of a small Florida business Trump owed $35,000.

In the end, Trump paid $282,000 once the legal fees and “risk fee” were tacked on.  The contractor, the Paint Shop, had to wait four years to get what was rightfully theirs.

The scary part is that Trump carries over his methods into his job as president.  He’s willing to take a small win in the short-term without considering the long-term effects of his decisions.

What is your reaction?

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