While there is no shortage of criticism for Trump and his presidency, the mainstream media is coming out with harder and harder hitters, and they just got support from one of the most rational young people in politics.


Trump, since launching his presidential campaign, has made immigration policy his centerpiece, his crown jewel of hatred and ignorance. He has made good on his promise to continuously center immigration in his presidency.

Rather than moving towards comprehensive immigration reform like government officials have been pushing for for years, Trump’s solution is to shut everyone out that he isn’t particularly fond of.

Most recently, Trump ended DACA, which protected immigrants brought to the country illegally by their parents. The program, which insisted upon a rigorous background check, ensured that no felons were awarded a spot in the program. Immigrants who qualified received protection from deportation and a work visa.

It’s a program meant to look out for those who had no choice in moving to America and yet know it as their only home. Many stand firmly behind the policy, even the Catholic church.

Trump also enacted a travel ban on individuals from Muslim-majority countries, which still stands in a form rolled back considerably by the Supreme Court. He also wants to halt the immigration of Syrian refugees, and cut immigration overall by half in ten years.

Plus, who could forget his infamous wall, which would in theory stand on our southern border, supposedly to block immigration from Mexico? Trump still insists on it being built, regardless of mountains of evidence that the wall would do little to nothing to prevent illegal immigration, in addition to the fact that immigration from Mexico is down, not up, in recent years.

What’s Happening Now:

While many have been able to spot the similarities between Trump and the most vile demagogue in history, Chelsea Clinton finally putting her foot down might signal a shift in how much more people are willing to take.

Chelsea Clinton recently shared a post on Twitter written by Jelani Cobb at the New Yorker comparing Trump’s immigration policies and administration goals to the beliefs of Hitler.

The article specifically compares the DACA decision and the Immigration Act of 1924 in a well-developed analysis, coming to the conclusion that both were meant to preserve a white-majority population – hence the belief that “Make America Great Again” meant “Make America White Again” all along, as many before Cobb have suggested.

Cobb states in a photo caption that Trump “seems to be trying to resurrect a national immigration policy defined by racial engineering.”

Cobb calls in some of Trump’s other decisions, like the pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio and his strange dance around condemning white supremacists by name without grouping them in with protestors, to develop his central thesis: Trump is too alike to Hitler to ignore. Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Clinton sharing a piece of the article demonstrates an agreement with its core argument, and that says a lot.

As the daughter of former Democratic president Bill Clinton and presidential hopeful and public servant Hillary Clinton, there was no way for Chelsea to avoid politics. She also obviously supported her mother’s presidential bid and believes Trump to be unfit to serve.

However, Clinton is also incredibly level-headed. Her Twitter is filled currently with warnings about Hurricane Irma, not angry rants against random everyday transgressions. She has dedicated her life to worthy causes, and is the kind of feminist you would expect a powerhouse like Clinton to raise.

She says what she means, unlike Ivanka Trump who finally bowed and stopped defending equal pay for women in her father’s White House, even though she was supposed to be the center for feminism in a male-dominated administration.

Clinton does not Tweet or say things to gain a reaction or stick her tongue out at Trump like a child. She shared that article because she genuinely sees the similarities between him and Hitler, and that scares her, as it should all of us.