Medicare is working….that’s the truth. It has been more efficient and affordable than all private sector health insurance plans. Unsurprisingly, that makes it alot more popular, and it should not be done away with like the Republican-azis want to.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is working particularly hard to get rid of Medicare and force senior citizens and disabled folks to go with profit oriented health insurers.

As an example of Republican dysfunction, their leader Ryan is proposing to change Medicare into the type of system he is going along with Trump to repeal (“ACA” or “Obamacare”). But his new system would be without ACA’s protections for pre-existing conditions.

Our country already has the most hodgepodge healthcare system in the free world, and this consists of employer-sponsored insurance plans , policies that test for ability to pay, individual private insurance policies, and government-run Medicare. Ryan proposes to make the system even more of a mishmash. The sd part is that all of us will end up with less coverage and higher costs.

So why is Ryan resolute to replace a system that works so well? Probably to pad the pockets of his Wall Street buddies.

It is certainly worth a national debate with this many citizens affected,but unfortunately, it is a debate that opponents will do anything to win….including lying!

Paul Ryan represents one of the biggest threats facing the futures of every working class American family. It’s very sad that Wisconsin voters don’t realize his policies if enacted will cost millions of families tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars each in reduced Medicare and Social Security benefits.

When your ACA coverage is gone, blame Ryan. Then get really angry when he then sets his sights on Medicaid and Social Security.

It is apparent that Speaker Ryan does not care about anyone except himself and his Ayn Randian acolytes. He is self centered, and void of anything nearing empathy or compassion. This story highlights that truth.