The removal of Confederate statues and commemorations has suddenly become a hot-button issue in the United States after the recent neo-Nazi terror attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The call to purge our nation of the symbols of white supremacy and treason has been met with fervent resistance from racists wishing to cloak their prejudices in the hoods of “history” and “heritage.”

While the Confederacy’s history of treason and appalling crimes against humanity will certainly be remembered in the history books, most rational people can agree that there’s no reason to celebrate the people who perpetrated those crimes and sought to cleave our nation in two just so they could continue the commodification of people’s lives.

Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter tonight with an apt comparison that should make so called-“Christian” conservatives think twice before speaking out in favor of Confederate statues.

The Confederacy, led by Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, rebelled against the government of the United States. While it’s clear at this point that hypocrisy and moral integrity on the right-wing means absolutely nothing (how could anyone who calls themselves a Christian stand behind an admitted sexual predator and known thief, liar, and blasphemer like Donald Trump?), the cognitive dissonance between calling yourself an American patriot while celebrating the Confederacy truly boggles the mind.

As the story goes, Lucifer rebelled against his Father and was cast out of Heaven for his betrayal. The Confederacy similarly rebelled against their Father but were not cast away; they were brought back into the fold after their own betrayal.

These statues were erected long after the Civil War, as part of Jim Crow and the institution of a new regime of racial subjugation by whites against blacks through the justice, electoral, and economic systems of the United States. They have nothing to do with “history” or “heritage” and everything to do with the modern-day mechanisms of racial socioeconomic repression.

In case you needed any proof as to that, look at these maps and see how a hundred years later, the names of honorless traitors were lionized and celebrated by racists:

It’s beyond mind-blowing that we are once again battling neo-Nazis and Klansmen in the year 2017.

We should tear down all the Confederate statues and replace them with statues like this: