Misogyny and violence are the putrid lifeblood pumping through the fetid body of the modern Republican party. Trump has summoned up the worst inclinations of the bigots and brutes, and they’re growing more vocal about their base proclivities.

Today, Buddy Carter (R-GA) appeared on MSNBC, where he was asked what he thought about Trump’s attack on Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) after she refused to vote to proceed on Trumpcare. Carter responded by advocating for violence against his female colleague.

“I think it’s perfectly fair, let me tell you somebody needs to go over there to that Senate and snatch a knot in their ass,” said Carter. “Snatch a knot” is slang for physically assaulting someone.

The repugnant comments come a few days after another Republican Congressman fantasized about dueling with female senators who opposed Trumpcare. The GOP is growing more violent by the day, and Trump in typical cowardly fashion is remaining silent on the issue.

Source: http://washingtonjournal.com/2017/07/26/republican-congressman-just-called-violence-female-anti-trumpcare-senators/