How to play Counter Strike online

Are you bored at the office or in lecture hall? What if you played a game of Counter Strike? The famous shoot’em up exists in a number of variations on the web. There are flash versions, very compatible. But also versions powered by the Unity 3D rendering engine, more faithful to the spirit of the original game. In this second case, you will probably need to install the Unity plugin for your browser, if it is not already there.

Counter Strike is actually a mod of the game Half-Life studio Valve released in 1999. In this game, two teams compete against each other: it is simply to knock the other party. This extremely simple concept makes this shooter one of the most popular of all time.

Critical Strike Portable so for you it’s full screen or nothing

Critical Strike Portable is one of the few online Counter Strike ports that allows you to play in full-screen mode. The game runs on Unity: you will probably need to download the plugin. You can find this one  by clicking on this link . Unfortunately, if you do not have administrator rights on the computer you want to play on, you will not be able to install it. If this is your case, go directly to the Flash versions at the end of the article!

CS Portable – How to play Counter Strike online for free and without download

Portable CS version under Unity

Counter Strike 1.6 Half Life Mod: the alternative under Unity

This alternative version, again under Unity, sticks more to the spirit of the first versions of the game. In addition to SWAT and terrorists, we can also play zombies. We regret that this version does not offer full screen mode. The Mozilla Firefox browser seems to be the only one able to run the game.

But no matter: the number of users who play at the same time as you compensate a little for these small inconveniences. You can easily find an opponent to your size!

Counter Strike Flash is perhaps one of the least sketchy of these. With however, let’s be honest, the impression of being in an arcade game at times, more than in the real Counter Strike. That said, you can play this version of the game on really any computer.

Counter Strike Flash

Below the flash window of the game, you will find videos showing you how to succeed levels of the game But beware: if your goal is to remain discreet, turn off the sound of your computer before loading the page …

You will see it for yourself by playing it: we move away from the spirit of the initial game. But this game will probably plunge you back into those years when you still played arcade games, wherever you saw one. With this flash port you will want to grab your mouse and shoot on the screen as at the time, with a plastic gun.

There, the terrorists are replaced by strange beings, who have obviously eaten a lot of GMOs. You, your goal is simply to shoot them all. It always goes out after a meeting where in “battle” mode in an amphitheater. This game also has the advantage of allowing you to play in full screen.

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Seth Woods