Counter Strike weapons


The P250 is quite accurate and its rate of fire mixed with a slight decline makes it powerful. It’s quite accurate (even when running) so if you’re just aiming, this weapon will save you rounds. It is also the preferred pistol against enemies with armor and helmet. In addition, it is affordable enough to buy a grenade next door.

The CZ-75 is a small revolution. Added in an update, this weapon is terrible in counter-eco round for its pretty good accuracy and damage. Just remember that you only have 2×12 balls and they leave very quickly.

The Deagle does a lot of damage, but only has 7 bullets in his magazine. This is clearly not enough knowing that it takes up to 3 bullets in the body to kill someone. So you have to aim your head. An update in June 2014 has made it accurate again (but not as much as in the past), so do not hesitate to practice with.

The Dual Berettas  : The strong point of this weapon is that you can shoot 30 rounds. The weak points are that you must not shoot while moving and that they are not very precise. Prefer him the TEC-9 or Five-Seven.

The Glock is a very good weapon. His big loader is clearly an argument of choice. Just shoot fast, and you’ll gain 9 times out of 10 your T-round gun by buying a kevlar. Just try to get the most out of your enemy’s head by turning around and hoping that it ends well.

The USP is cunning. Why ? Because each of his 12 balls is critical but you have very few. Shoot slowly and do not panic: you MUST at least kill two with this weapon (gun round). Remember that a target without a helmet dies at once with a Headshot.

P2000  : This is a USP without silencer and with more balls and very slightly less accurate. The Headshot is also fatal for targets without a helmet. It’s up to you to see if the silencer of the USP is more important.

TEC 9  : Since the June 2014 update, the TEC-9 has become the P90 for pistols. His accuracy on the move is quite good and he kills in one shot if you manage to make a headshot, even if the opponent has a helmet. Shoot continuously hoping to chop the head.

The Five-Seven , compared to the P250, does more damage, has less recoil, has more bullets and pierces the armor better. But its price ($ 500) will always be problematic in eco round or ground.

Submachine Pistol (PM) / Shotguns

During rounds of eco, those rounds where teams save, you should take a PM or a shotgun (I have a preference for PM) because their reward per victim is more interesting (often 300% of earnings). Players who buy AKs in the second round are idiots and should be reprimanded as they deserve. MPs are more effective than guns against unarmored enemies. The P90 is the Jesus of the PM family. If you can afford it, do it. The MP7 is not as bad as the P90 and does not have the same number of ammunition but for a modest cost, it will be effective in close combat: useful to save for an AWP.

The Bizon can be used only if you win the ground and only in this case. Once your enemies have a kevlar, it is no longer useful.

For shotguns, I really recommend the Mag7 (CT), the Sawed off (T) (short distance) and the Nova (pretty good medium range). These weapons allow you to steal a weapon in an eco round. Buy one and hide in a tight angle. If your hideout is well chosen, you have a 75% chance of killing an enemy and recovering an AK / M4 weapon that will earn you the round.

Well, here is the heart of the subject. On old CSs, I used to tell new players that hindsight was not that important. It was the golden rule of the CS. Nowadays, it’s not really relevant anymore. CS: GO rewards timing more than controlling the direction of your shots. Yes, you can predict the trajectory of the bullets, but it’s much more unpredictable than before. It is for this reason that it is better to shoot in controlled small bursts. With the AK, always try bursts of 2-3 balls at long / medium distance and go up to 4-5 balls with the M4.

By emptying your loader on a wall, you will notice the “T” shape of the impacts, which then tend to go down and be horizontal afterwards. Use this to cut the heads of your opponents when you are in a complicated situation. Many beginners start shooting in the feet and wait for the “T” shape to miraculously put a head shot. Do not be so stupid. Start aiming at the neck and slowly lower your viewfinder to finish quickly.

Remember that the decline is decreasing exponentially. This means that a tiny break when you shoot allows you to greatly reduce your recoil and reset your accuracy penalty to almost zero.

Since the February 2014 update the SG553 and Aug are very viable options. Their low recoil and their damage make them better than the M4 / AK duo in terms of efficiency. This update makes the zoom murderous with almost no recoil and deadly precision. They are perfect for holding a position or getting off a bad sniper.

AWPing and Auto Noobsniper

The AWP is a monster, and one could write a whole part about it. Many of the tips given above are to be forgotten in possession of an AWP. The advantage of verifications of angles is reversed. A defensive player looking at an angle with an AWP has a huge advantage. I will expand on how to take advantage of the AWP advantage to check angles. With an AWP, the defensive position is the key.

When you walk around, remove the zoom from your AWP. Watch your target, zoom in and shoot: all in one action. Take out your gun to zoom out and start again. Once this technique is acquired, you are able to kill anyone instantly. Do not forget to zoom in and shoot in one action. Some put a cross on the marker on their screen to see their viewfinder without zoom, but it is not obvious to remove it later … Once become good at centering, you will not see the utility of a cross with the marker. With the AWP, aim the hip, center your target, and these few images between the zoom and the shot allow to make the adjustment. With training, this will give a fluid and effective action.

Or, you can just camp in a corner and click when someone is on your screen.

Use your key to walk when doing a stutter step with the AWP to gain more control. On CS: GO, the AWP floats more than Source but walking in stutter step, you can lessen this concern.

The walk-peek is a technique for AWPs where you have to walk around a corner in zoom mode to see your enemies before they see you. This is the only time to walk at an angle.

The auto snipers are not as efficient as the AWP, but they are cool to use on beginners. You are free to take them for trolling, but they will never be superior to the AWP.

Machine guns, aka Negev

The Negev is worth it. Imagine an automatic shotgun that never needs to take a break to shoot or reload: it’s the Negev. A short distance, you will spend a very good time. You just have to shoot. Do not worry about hindsight, because with 150 balls, you have time to adjust your target. The M249 is really bad.

Written by

Seth Woods