Beautiful Hair in Good Health

HAIR – Because the trend is natural and healthy hair, we will do everything to have a beautiful mane healthy all year. Here are some more valuable tips for seasonal changes.

Brush morning and evening!

Why? Because brushing and combing her hair regularly helps to remove dust and pollutants. The technique? With round brushes or natural bristles, head forward and brush from the neck to the lengths.

Clean without rubbing

The good gesture? We wet her hair with warm water, then apply a small amount of product on the roots. The cleanser is carefully emulsified by massaging the scalp and rinsing until the hair crunches under the fingers.

How to choose your shampoo

Because a perfectly adapted shampoo will allow us to have healthy hair all year long! It is chosen as close to the nature of our scalp and not lengths.

Do not forget a second shampoo

Even in a hurry, we do not skip the second shampoo! Indeed, the first wash will clean and rid the hair impurities on the second, it allows to take full advantage of our mane active ingredients of the formula.

Soften the hair fiber

Once the shampoo is done, we put a dab of conditioner or repair mask on the lengths. The product is gently kneaded and after a few minutes of break, it is rinsed.

Massage her scalp

Scalp massage

This helps promote microcirculation, oxygenate the scalp and therefore optimize the tone of our mane. Once or twice a month, before our shampoo, massages of the scalp are done with fortifying concentrates.

Repair his lengths

Because after the summer and with the coming of winter our lengths have not finished suffering, we offer them a background treatment to revitalize the hair fiber. The secret? Regenerative masks. They are allowed to pose for about twenty minutes.

Do not rub his wet hair

Once washed, we tend to rub our hair to eliminate a maximum of moisture. As a result, they are further damaged. The solution? Buff them gently with a well absorbent towel. Similarly, we do not brush wet hair, because full of water, they are much more fragile.

Do not abuse rubber bands

By dint of combing your hair in too tight a bun or getting tied up constantly, our lengths break and get damaged. So to save a little we do not hesitate to leave them free.

Think about food supplements

Based on B vitamins, amino acids and various trace elements, they boost the growth and quality of our mop. Beginning in the fall to avoid seasonal hair loss.