A Creative Thinking Technology

Whether you are a company manager, founder of a startup or manager of a business unit, you have every day a significant amount of decisions to make (on this subject,  read here how to make the most effective To Do list of the world in 3 minutes). Sometimes these are complex problems to solve or strategic decisions: do I have to change the name of my company? Should we attack such a market, or establish such a partnership? Invariably, you will have noticed that in those moments, you are well … alone. It’s up to you alone to make the decision, and it’s up to you to bear the consequences. It’s sometimes a bit stressful, I agree – to experiment with it pretty much every day.

You are the only one to decide? Surround yourself with business superstars.

Not all entrepreneurs have the chance or the means to surround themselves with a board of advisors or managers able to help them in their daily choices and decisions. The common entrepreneur, especially in startups, does not have the opportunity to pay or even interest business stars and bring them to their board of advisors. So, what to do to be no longer alone and benefit from invaluable advice from eminent personalities? This is where a little technique comes in which I find very interesting if it is implemented seriously, which will be called here ”  Schizo Brainstorming “.

Schizophrenia as a mode of project management

Although I use the word schizophrenia wrongly here (we should rather speak of ┬áDissociative Identity Disorders , but it sounds immediately worse), we will be content for the simple reason that for most Your schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorders (in other words, many in your head) are one and the same illness, including your servant before you turn to the subject. We will keep the term “schizo” for clarity.

The human brain is capable of many feats, including its imaginative capacity, tremendously powerful and underused in our postmodern ultra-rationalist societies, where Excel and PowerPoint dominate world thought. The Schizo Brainstorming will come precisely to rely on the imagination of the brain to allow anyone to “think” like another, in this case a Steve Jobs or Richard Branson for example, and find ideas and solutions that he would never have thought of simply remaining “himself”. All in the idea, of course, to be  more efficient and more creative in its project management or problem solving.

Indeed, our way of thinking is engulfed in a lot of more or less strong rules, more or less conscious, imposed by our education, the organization to which we belong (cf  Conway’s law ), even its culture, its family, social class … Faced with a problem, we will naturally tend to seek solutions following a similar logic each time. We will treat the information following the same cognitive schema, based on its own past experience. Since the same causes produce the same effects, thinking the same way is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to imagining radical new solutions or ideas. . How to overcome this cognitive limit imposed on oneself? By the Schizo Brainstorming.

Nothing foolish in this, it’s just using the principles of role-playing and implement them in the business. Do you remember when, being small, you “really become” the character you played (the nice knight, the princess, the ninja, the superhero …)? Children have a great ability to “forget” the real time of their games, which allows them to slip into the skin of their characters very easily. They “live” their intensely imaginary adventures under the jealous eyes of adults who, in the end, with their suit and tie and their computers, do exactly the same thing, but forget that it was just a role. and remain stuck in their imaginary character ( see Erving Goffman’s side  to illustrate this point).

Build your imaginary board

Imagine at your table, in the space of 5 minutes, sit down Richard Branson, Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Eisenhower or Einstein. You explain to them your situation or problem, and ask them to work on a solution. Then, in turn, you make them speak. Then you listen how, considering their respective experiences and their way of apprehending the world, they would have handled the problem for you. It would be pretty damn convenient, admit it. Well that’s what we will do. We will use your brain’s ability to generate ideas that you did not even think you had by simply releasing it from its usual cognitive cage. Schizo Brainstorming, from this point of view, is a kind of key to liberating your thought and imagination, nothing more.