7 marketing techniques to increase sales

Focus on the needs of your customers

Break the cliché that in recent years the offer stimulates demand and return to the basics of marketing by focusing on what your customers expect and express as needed.

Inbound , content marketing and progressive profiling are all springs on which you support to know finely the characteristics and needs of your customers. In this way, you can offer them the right product at the right time by sending them the right message, the one that will trigger the purchase.

Put the package on the loyalty

Develop your sales with your existing customers is an ideal solution to maximize your profitability and the ROI of marketing actions in general.

Whether by email, SMS or via a banner on your site and social media accounts in particular, pamper your customers by offering them special offers of the type “20% discount on your next order” and other “delivery offered to our customers “. Customers who feel spoiled and rewarded for their loyalty will be more likely to order regularly or renew their purchases.

Get new customers

In store, on your e-commerce site or face to face, convincing a new customer to place a first order is far from simple. But sometimes it is enough of a commercial gesture on your part to unblock the situation.

This is the goal of the “special offers new customers” that offer an attractive price (“exceptional reduction of 10% for any first order” “delivery offered for new customers” …) So many small commercial gestures that prompt to conclude purchase.

Create envy by the notion of scarcity and urgency

A common reflex to an overwhelming majority of consumers is to set their sights on such a product when they know there are not many available in stock. Scarcity creates envy by creating a sense of urgency. The urgency of acquiring this-product-which-will-be-soon-more-available-and-it-me-must-therefore-absolutely!

Messages such as “Limited time special offer”, “Nearly sold out”, “Last days to enjoy the special rate”, “More than X available items” … work with bluffing efficiency.

Flatter the ego of your customers and your leads

A marketing resource that continues to prove itself is to flatter the ego of the customer or prospect without necessarily that the product or service to sell is of a very high standard of standing.

But it is necessary that the message in frame of the offer conveys the idea that by this purchase, the customer will be valued, will make an excellent business that few others do or that your offer is the must-have of the moment.

The notions of premium, exclusive offer, and other gold offer make it possible to brush the customer in the direction of the hair, to flatter his ego and ultimately to push it gently but surely to buy.

Expand the associated services

Bring a higher level of satisfaction to your customers and leads by implementing a range of services associated with the basic purchase. A great way to dramatically enhance the customer experience and thus bounce additional sales.

Insurance, extended warranty, free product return service, real-time customer support … All services backed by a product and / or service that can streamline the customer experience, make it more convenient, contribute to an increase Sales.

Promote additional sales

This technique is very widespread on e-commerce sites in the clothing sector and can be adapted to a very wide range of products and services and other sales channels. It involves submitting the idea to the customer to increase his purchases by ordering a product that complements them perfectly.

Taking the example of ready-to-wear, many sites suggest ordering a belt or a pair of shoes after their client has ordered a pair of trousers for example and before he finalizes the transaction.

The idea is to present complementary products that are indispensable and that ideally complement the first product ordered.

Now it’s up to you to use these 7 marketing techniques to grow your sales. And do not hesitate to tell us about the feedback you got!

Written by

Seth Woods