3 Health Tips to Know

Here are three health tips very simple to implement and have proven themselves. Lemon on an empty stomach, natural sourdough bread and Roquefort during meals. These tips have the advantage of being low cost. Transmitted by our grandmothers, they have been validated by science.

Lemon on an empty stomach

Why ?

Lemon, rich in vitamin C, pectin and bioflavonoids is ideal to stimulate our body on waking. The habit of consuming it on an empty stomach every morning will strengthen your immune system.


Pour lukewarm water over the juice of half a lemon. Drink it on an empty stomach when you get out of bed. Wait 10 minutes before having breakfast.

Leavened bread

Why ?

The natural leaven, resulting from a natural fermentation, makes the bread particularly digestible. With probiotic properties, the natural leaven will balance your intestinal flora, thus contributing to a general improvement of your health: digestive functions but also immune system.


You can buy leavened bread at the baker or buy sourdough powder in organic stores to make your own bread. Better yet, you can prepare your own leaven at home. It will then be of the best quality possible.

Recipe of natural leaven

Take a container, without traces of washing up liquid, rinsed with spring water. Make in this container a mixture of 50 grams of semi-complete organic flour and 50 cl of spring water. In the same container, add the next day the same proportion of flour and water. Do the same on the next day. Bubbles must appear. Otherwise, persevere one more day or start again from the beginning.

Once this leaven matures, we add water, salt and flour to make his bread, just as with a baker’s yeast.

To always have leaven available, keep each time you make bread a small part of the leaven already obtained to feed it day after day.

The cheeses with marbled

Why ?

Marbled cheeses, such as Roquefort or Bleu d’Auvergne, are natural antibiotics because they have the particularity of containing a blue mold, which is nothing other than penicillin. But that’s not all, they also have anti-inflammatory properties! By consuming them regularly, you will improve your resistance to infections and reduce pain such as joint pain.


Consume cheeses with marbled pastry at your leisure during a meal. If the taste of these cheeses is a little strong for you, melt in a little soy cream to obtain a creamy sauce that will marry wonderfully with red meats.

Written by

Seth Woods